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Contact me for watercolor illustrations, fabric

design, wall stickers, phone, collaboration,

and anything else you might

have in mind.

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Contact me for logo, business card,

flyer designs, collaborations, and

any other projects you have in mind.

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Why I chose Watercolor


I love its transparency.

I love the colors bleeding into each other.

I love the texture of watercolor paper.

I love its perfectly imperfection!

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Why Art Matters!

Good art makes us feel good.

All human beings are emotional. This is what

makes us different from robots. When we feel

good, we are the best versions of ourselves.

Art makes us the best versions of ourselves.

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Creator Behind Aikartist


Hello, I'm Aika.

I was born in California, and raised in Japan. I have always had a fondness for art and in 2019, I decided to pursuit my career as an artist. I feel great about where I am now and I could not have done it without my family and friends, so thank you so SO much!


Currently, I watercolor paint and create original products such as wall stickers, fabric and phone covers, in hopes to fill this world with colors that make people smile :) ♪

Watercolor・Sewing・iPad Pro + Apple Pencil